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Challenging Yourself

Let’s talk about something that has nothing to do with coffee.  Last week, I finished one of the hardest things I have ever done.  A 75 day challenge called #75Hard.  It’s really a simple personal challenge that is intended to increase your mental discipline and challenge your personal decision-making skills.  More about that later. I am a big fan of personal challenges. I think challenging yourself is great. Many of you know I am a high school coach and I enjoy holding myself and those around me to a higher standard.  One of the ways we can stay focused is with these (sometimes silly) personal challenges.  In 2011 I went 286 days without using hot water or ice.  I drank...

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I Made Bad Coffee...

(she) doesn’t share my LOVE of coffee.  She would SAY she loves coffee, but she is more a fan of the caffeine and not the pursuit of the next best cup.  I’ll admit it, she has her own....

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Zero Waste Coffee

We tested and filmed instructional videos for our Instagram page.  Combined, these coffee making videos have hundreds of thousands of views.  That’s where the trouble started.  [Enter: Virtue Signaling Trolls]

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